New BG Gear, Press and More


Since the release of “Filament” in February the band has been busy as usual – overseas press, new tunes, blues sets and great local gigs. Most excitingly, the band has collaborated with the illest illustrator Miggs Son to create a limited-release custom BG t-shirt, which will be available at the band’s live shows and online here. Be sure to pick one up while they still last!


Other exciting news…

  • July will see the band shooting a brand new music video for “Filament” track MONK MODE with Gwynn drummer Eric Braun in the woods of North Carolina.
  • Expect to hear “Monk Mode” on Rock 106.1 this summer
  • August sees Broken Glow in Charleston, SC to record a brand new track at Hybrid Audio Solutions, the state-of-the-art studio run by Alan Price of modern rock riffers Madam Adam.
  • Check out Sara’s other group,  Tokalos, and their brand new album here
  • October will bring another BG/Southbound Brewery collaboration

Read all about the band’s past, present and future, as well as reviews of “Filament,” at the links below, a small sampling of the press push BG has seen since the release of the album. With so much foreign press, don’t be surprised to see Broken Glow crossing the Atlantic within the year…


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Vents Magazine, issue 59 , p 214

Thinking Lyrically album review

“Filament” Set For Release 2/19/2016


On Friday 2/19/2016 Broken Glow will release “Filament,” the band’s brand new full length album! Featuring 9 never-before recorded tracks, this is the band at their best. The tunes were recorded during the summer of 2015 at Habitat Noise Studios on Wilmington Island, GA with Donald Moats (Coeds, Sins Of Godless Men, Habitat Noise, etc) and feature new member Chris Horton on guitars and background vocals.


The band will host a release party at Southound Brewing Company is Savannah, GA on February 19th, 2016. To commemorate the event, Broken Glow has paired with the brewers at Southbound to create their very own custom brew, on tap at the show! BBXF opens the show with their riffy modern rock, Chazito’s food truck serves up hot food, Planetary Projections will be inducing lucid dreams and Rock 106.1 will broadcast live from the event. $15 gets you in admission to the show, a custom BG/Southbound pint glass and drink tickets, and the first 20 through the door get a free copy of “Filament!” Get your tickets in advance at here.

And if you just can’t wait, check out “Blue Dream,” one of the brand new tracks from “Filament,” streaming right here on Reverbnation!

It’s Official : Broken Glow to Release New Album “Filament”


After months of anticipation, Broken Glow is proud to announce to release of their next album, “Filament.” The 9-track offering, available for download and streaming February 19th, 2016, features new material spanning the band’s full spectrum of stylistic capabilities. With the help of Dope Sandwich Productions, the band will be playing the entire album and throwing a massive bash at Southbound Brewery on the date of the release. To commemorate the occasion, a custom Broken Glow brew will be on tap for the festivities, and guest performers from around the Savannah music scene will be bringing the good vibes for everybody. Until then be sure to pump “Live Like An Animal,” keep your ears open for more news, including music videos, original album art and details about the show.



Long-time fans of Broken Glow have seen the band in various incarnations, from their beginnings as a riffy 5-piece in Connecticut to the current power trio line-up down in the low country of Savannah, GA. Through it all, Paul and Garrett have kept the flame alive for fans of fiery rock music. Last year Sara joined the group to fill out the vacant bass slot, and the release of “Live Like An Animal” in the summer of 2014 served to jump-start the band into a new-found groove and energy. Since that time the band has toured the northeast, played with killer groups around the south, packed out downtown clubs, entertained small house show gatherings, received airplay on Savannah’s Rock 106.1 and received a giant check (clearly the lifetime goal of any sane individual).

Now, on the heels of their Battle Of The Bands victory, Broken Glow is proud to announce that they will be recording a brand new full-length album this summer! With the help of local musician/engineer Donald Moats (Habitat Noise, Sins Of Godless Men, COEDS, etc), and producer/musician Christopher Horton (IAMSOUND) the band will spend 3 days tracking in a fully analog studio onto 2″ reel-to-reel tape. In case you’ve only ever seen a ProTools or LogicPro session, analog recording is the way of the past. Though the method has become more desirable in recent years as audiophiles search for the truest, warmest tone available, the limitations of tape recording can be daunting as digital editing exits the picture. Want to chop a track up? Better be savvy with a razor blade…



The band is excited for their first time utilizing this method of recording. When asked  about the decision to use a reel-to-reel recorder, guitarist/vocalist Garrett Deming had this to say. “There is always heated debate among engineers and music lovers between the audio quality of digital recording vs. analog. Some swear there is no discernible difference between the two methods, but others have differing opinions. I’ve always admired (record engineer) Steve Albini, who’s worked with acts like Nirvana, The Pixies, and Jimmy Page to name a few. He runs a fully analog studio in Chicago, and has a lot to say about the sound quality and process that go into and result from analog recording.

“For my money, I think of sound in terms of the physical waves, the actual material process of moving air at certain speeds. As such, the mechanical aspect of analog recording appeals to me. Whereas digital recording simply samples the waves that are being created and converts them into numerical data which is then translated into a replication of the original sound, recording to tape yields a direct mechanical representation of the physical waves being formed. There’s no piecing the puzzle back together after the fact, and I feel this results in a recording which is truer to the original take.”

While the idea of recording straight to tape is alluring, it also presents its own set of hurdles. Digital softwares such as ProTools allow for virtually unlimited numbers of takes, overdubs, editing options, post-production effects and pitch-correction. They also make transferring sessions from one location to another much easier than does a cumbersome, heavy reel of delicate film. Though the band acknowledges these benefits to the digital approach, they say the challenge is part of the fun. 

We only have so much time in the studio, only so much tape,” says Deming. “As such, we have to go in and nail our tracks on the first or second takes. That’s a lot of pressure when you’re spending time and money in a studio, but it seems to me that this is how rock n roll should be made. Not to a grid, chopped up and made perfect. You need the sound of a band in a room, that live, frenetic energy that only a live band can generate.”

Listeners should also expect some new tricks from these old dogs. “While the rhythm tracks will be the whole band playing in the same room live, we do have some room to overdub various instruments. Expect to hear my Hammond organ, some 12-string acoustic guitar, maybe some guest appearances from local Savannah music veterans.” These recordings will also mark the first Broken Glow tracks featuring bassist Sara Clash on lead vocals. A veteran of the NYC underground music scene, the Swedish songstress has flexed her vocal muscles in bands such as Skunky Sara & The Nuggets, punk duo Chicks Throwing Bricks, Savannah’s own Culture Vulture, and space-rock duo SubZero, to name a few. 

This is going to be the definitive Broken Glow album,concludes Deming.We’re going to pull out all the stops.” It certainly seems so. Tune in for more updates and announcements, including upcoming shows in Brunswick and Charleston, as well as new videos, local show announcements and a studio journal. 

And The Winner Is…

Over the last 12 weeks we’ve seen some mighty talent playing live in Savannah. In the basement of Pour Larry’s, a killer live music venue centrally located in City Market, Rock 106.1 has been sponsoring this year’s Battle Of The Bands. During that time bands from across the stylistic realm have been duking it out for a chance to win $1,000 cash, as well as recording time at Hybrid Audio Solutions in Charleston, SC and a number of other prizes.

1513187_10100349956196979_6851940131056169734_n 11083687_10206178355275423_3008935279655557499_n

After skating past 3rd Class Citizens on April 2nd, Broken Glow was honored to play alongside fellow groovers Fishtooth and headbangers The Apprehended the following week. A close competition saw Broken Glow and acoustic songsters The Seventh Room advance to the final round, held April 17th. After bringing all they had, the final score was announced, with BROKEN GLOW just edging out the competition by a mere point.


The band would love to extend their deepest appreciation for all of their friends and fans who’ve come to show support. Without the confidence and help of the music lovers, the band could never continue. Special thanks go out to Ryan Koch of Rock 106.1, Christopher Horton of IAMSOUND, Simon Ross of Planetary Projections, other killer local bands who’ve supported us like Omingnome, Culture Vulture, Bear Arcade, XuluProphet, Beneath Trees and so many more of our friends and fans for being badass!


To catch Broken Glow in all their live glory, join the band at Tybee Island’s Rock House on April 30th to welcome Sara home from a Southeast Tour with Beneath Trees. The band will have shirts, cd’s hats and various other goodies available, so keep you ears open for more raucous rock and stay tuned for announcements regarding fresh recordings!

Blues On The Beach

Here in the low country, spring has already begun! With the warm weather approaching, one pastime comes to all of our minds – THE BEACH. Savannah is conveniently located just a 20 minute drive from Tybee Island, where locals and visitors alike bask in the glow of the Atlantic and sip cocktails beneath the beating sun. The only thing we love to do more than beach it, is ROCK it.


And now, you can enjoy your two favorite things in the world at the same time! The band has a monthly residency at The Rock House, Tybee Island’s best venue for hip shaking and beer drinking. With a pumping sound system, killer lights and friendly staff, it’s the band’s favorite Tybee spot, and you can see the band performing there on MARCH 27, APRIL 30 and MAY 23. Located right by the pier and only a block from the water, you can get the best of both worlds as you comes in for some rock music until the sun comes up, which you can watch over the water. Pick up a new Broken Glow t-shirt (handmade by the one and only Paul Burba), pick up a copy of “Live Like An Animal,” and come enjoy your favorite BG tracks from over the years, as well as saucy versions of classic deep cuts. Scope the video here to watch the band roll through “Ball & Chain” with Sara channeling the late great Janis Joplin, and keep your eyes open for new recordings coming soon, as well as a tour announcement! Rock on, kiddies.10563090_850304305011014_1968760603150544578_n

Back In Action

After a long trip overseas, Broken Glow is back in business for 2015! After a killer show at The Wormhole with San Diego rockers Heavy Glow last weekend, the band is preparing for a busy few months ahead. Stay tuned to Underexposed on Rock 106.1 to hear “Sabrina,” “Sun Comes Up” and “Down To The Wire,” premiering this February! And while you’re waiting for your next opportunity to catch the magic live, check out the photos below, all taken during the last half of 2014. After the release of “Live Like An Animal,” the group embarked on a Northeastern tour to Connecticut, Pennsylvania and New York. Collaborations with XuluProphet, Dope Sandwich and other Savannah musicians took up much of the remaining year, with trips to Jacksonville and Charleston snuck in between tons of local shows at great venues like The Jinx, The Hive, Barrelhouse South, Across The Street, Ampersand, the Wingmen MC Club and Tybee’s Rock House. Dig it!

Make sure you come out to Tybee Island’s best rock club The Rock House on Saturday February 21st to catch Broken Glow rocking all night! Hear your favorite BG tracks, as well as covers spanning from Sam Cooke to Alice In Chains. This is the first installment of a monthly residency at The Rock House, so bring your dancing shoes and boogie with the band!