Broken Glow Rocks The Gramercy Theater To Start 2012 With A Bang!

The boys in Broken Glow aren’t afraid of the world ending this year – in fact, they’re counting on good ol’ Mother Earth to keep on ticking long enough for rock music to make its return to glory! With a brand new full-length album almost in the can you can expect to see Marshall stacks rocking stages all across the Northeast behind Brenner, Garrett, Paul, and Andrew as they continue their conquest of the USA.

To start off the year, Broken Glow joined Facelift, Pet Virus, Small Axe, Blue Movie, Gauge and Consider The Source in an epic night of grunge rock tribute at The Gramercy Theater in Midtown Manhattan on Friday 1/6/12. Check out photos on the CMJ website, videos on the band’s YouTube channel (, and additional press all across the internet as they continue to climb the ranks of today’s rock scene, and stay tuned for updates on coming shows, new video, album updates and upcoming singles. Horns up, kids!

Photos: Facelift, Broken Glow, Gauge, Pet Virus, George Stass | CMJ.


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