Announcing Broken Glow’s 2012 Summer Tour

Some of you may remember Miles Of Mayhem, the epic rock tour last fall that brought Broken Glow and their partners in crime Cousin Sleaze down and up the East Coast leaving trails of beer bottles and melted speakers behind them. For the famished fans of destructive decibels who missed the mayhem, you can check out the moving film “Miles Of Mayhem,” which documents the highs and lows of seven men and their fearful journey into the unknown, here.

As the boys of Broken Glow put the finishing touches on their upcoming full length album, we’re excited to announce the itinerary for our summer 2012 tour of the United States. From Philly to Detroit to Nawlins and back home to Brooklyn, amps will feedback and feet will dance as we leave our tunes and our exhaust in 15 cities over 17 days. As with the last tour, we are booking all the dates ourselves and utilizing only our own resources to make this happen. This is where YOU come in…

To all of our loyal friends and fans who’ve watched us get loud for almost four years, we need your help! If any of you have friends, family, or contacts in New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, let us know! Email with any tips, leads on good burger joints, naked pictures… we’re not picky. We’ll see you all 2/16 at The Delancey!


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