12.6.13 ART MARCH SAVANNAH After Party w/ HyperSapien

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Do you dig music, dancing, debauchery and disastrous decibels? If so, you won’t want to miss this month’s Art March Savannah After Party! We’ll be joining our bros HyperSapien once again to bring some insanity to The Wormhole next Friday 12/6/13. Prepare for live art, sexy dancers and sonic orgasms… And for those of you who don’t reside in our fair city, check the whole thing streaming courtesy of South Bronx Savage and Drive Vibes! Doors open at 9pm, it’s free to get in so what have you got to lose?


Live at The Wormhole

Live at The Wormhole

Live at The Wormhole

The last two weeks have been madness at The Wormhole, Savannah’s best live dive. Not only is this place a vibey bar with cheap drinks and a short-order menu, it’s also a killer live music venue with some serious sound. Every Monday and Wednesday the bar fills with wandering musicians of all genres for The Wormhole’s Open Mic Nights, and almost every other night of the week you can catch some kind of live performance. The lights are low, the stage is fully backlined, what more can you ask for?

Garrett at the bar with Dr. Jeff Frankenspanken, sonic mad scientist

Garrett at the bar with Dr. Jeff Frankenspanken, sonic mad scientist

On Friday November 1st Broken Glow joined Mysterium and Hypersapien on the Wormhole stage to celebrate November’s Art March Savannah. A monthly event held every first Friday, the Art March brings performers, creators, artists, vendors and all people through the various cultural stops in Savannah’s thriving midtown district. After each march The Wormhole hosts the afterparty, and with the help of a write-up in DoSavannah our Haunted Time Machine was just the ticket to vibe out a post-Halloween dark and stormy night. With the help of Planetary Projections, the night was groovy psychadelic sludge funk.

Nights later, after showing up and rocking the open mics earlier in the week, the boys got a call from their good friend Xulu with an interesting proposition – play a last minute show Friday night at The Hole? He didn’t have to ask twice! The night came together as Sexy Groovy Rhythm & Mayhem as Xulu teamed up with Soul Q on the mic and Oisin the Irishman on leads, splitting a four-set night with Broken Glow.

You see, it’s not just the awesome sound system, the vintage Nintendo in the corner or the cheap beer that keeps people coming back to The Wormhole. They’ve set up an ideal tool for bands who play to spread their music beyond geographic territories: when you play The Wormhole, your entire set is streamed live and can be viewed by anyone who tunes in. Xulu first started streaming his events from the GalaxyRocker ustream channel, but he soon realized that with a little help from Jeff they could really make something happen. Their set up is such that the soundboard mix is the audio for the stream, thus ensuring a high-res professional sound on all videos. None of that cheap camera buzz or overdrive, just massive sound. To see for yourself, check out this fresh Drive Vibes promo video featuring “The Great War,” streamed live from The Wormhole on Friday November 8th.

So if you didn’t know that shit is going down south of Forsythe Park, consider yourself informed. Broken Glow has been rolling with some real cool cats – Omingnome is about to embark on an epic DIY tour with Simon of Planetary Projections, Mysterium is honing their other-worldy free blues into a psychadelic monster, Xulu is making groovy sexy magic and shaking hips, and Jeff, Oisin and Amy of The Wormhole make it possible for us all to get in the pit and try to love someone. Dig it, come out to an open mic and see for yourself!