Blues On The Beach

Here in the low country, spring has already begun! With the warm weather approaching, one pastime comes to all of our minds – THE BEACH. Savannah is conveniently located just a 20 minute drive from Tybee Island, where locals and visitors alike bask in the glow of the Atlantic and sip cocktails beneath the beating sun. The only thing we love to do more than beach it, is ROCK it.


And now, you can enjoy your two favorite things in the world at the same time! The band has a monthly residency at The Rock House, Tybee Island’s best venue for hip shaking and beer drinking. With a pumping sound system, killer lights and friendly staff, it’s the band’s favorite Tybee spot, and you can see the band performing there on MARCH 27, APRIL 30 and MAY 23. Located right by the pier and only a block from the water, you can get the best of both worlds as you comes in for some rock music until the sun comes up, which you can watch over the water. Pick up a new Broken Glow t-shirt (handmade by the one and only Paul Burba), pick up a copy of “Live Like An Animal,” and come enjoy your favorite BG tracks from over the years, as well as saucy versions of classic deep cuts. Scope the video here┬áto watch the band roll through “Ball & Chain” with Sara channeling the late great Janis Joplin, and keep your eyes open for new recordings coming soon, as well as a tour announcement! Rock on, kiddies.10563090_850304305011014_1968760603150544578_n