New Bassist, New Tunes, Same Old Rock ‘n’ Roll


2017, a year of change for everyone. As Sara Clash steps aside to focus on her myriad other projects, Broken Glow is psyched to announce Troy Gillespie as the new bassist of the band. With years of performing and recording under his belt, Troy brings a focused groove and a wealth of experience to the band. His riffs are central to the group’s new material. Listen here to “Monk Mode,” a song which heavily display’s Sara’s unique rhythmic sense. The band would like to formally thank Sara Clash for her 2 years playing with Broken Glow, and look forward to future collaborations.


One such collaboration occurs Saturday April 8th at El Rocko Lounge in Savannah, GA. An Evening with Sara Clash, Broken Glow and Friends features a full night of live music, spoken word poetry, enchanting visuals and musical mash-ups.


WHERE – El Rocko Lounge (Savannah, GA)

WHEN – 10pm until…

WHAT – An Evening with Sara Clash, Broken Glow and Friends

WHO – Sara Clash, Broken Glow, Trey Lindsay, Norton Lucas, Lor Rax, Ace Anderson (Jubal Kane), Poets for Peace (featuring Valore and Marshall Deerfield), LCO (late night dance music), Planetary Projections (liquid light show)

WHY – Why not?



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