Originally formed between the backwoods and back alleys of central Connecticut in the spring of 2008, the band started, as most do, from humble beginnings. One cramped attic in the hot Hartford summer became a musical breeding ground for Brenner, Paul, Garrett and Jon as they turned their up amps on the weekends and set the foundation of Broken Glow. Autumn brought solitude outside of the city as the boys spent months in Marlborough, CT woodshedding, writing, and recording. In winter the group released 6 original tracks on their raw demo, “Black.”

With fresh recordings and a rapidly growing catalog of songs Broken Glow spent 2009 spreading their sound all over Connecticut. As the group moved back into Hartford proper, they recruited Alec to fill out the sound on bass. Now the music began to take shape in a way it hadn’t before. The culmination of each member’s individual influences, which range the spectrum from Miles Davis to South Park, resulted in an original sound residing comfortably under the umbrella of Rock Music. Brenner’s fiery leads, Paul’s thundering drums, Alec’s smooth basslines, and Garrett’s timely rhythm guitar became the setting for Jon’s apocalyptic fables, delivered in slow blues and heavy riffage. As the year wore on the band tightened, roamed out of state, began writing a new record, and became mystified by a glowing opportunity…

In the early months of 2010, Broken Glow planned their relocation to Brooklyn, NY. All five members moved into a loft space in Bushwick, in the famed McKibbin Lofts. Sleeping in cubbies and scrounging pennies in the hot summer, the boys eagerly took in the sights, smells, and sounds of a magical city alive. With Brenner gone on tour for 2 months, Garrett sought out other avenues of musical expression. It was not long before he stumbled upon the Potion Open Mic, a weekly event held right in the McKibbin lofts which rotated to various performance spaces, all hosted by residents of the building. Once the band was back under the same roof, Broken Glow was back in full swing. The following months would see more traveling and a few lineup changes,  but once the dust settled the band had come to a new level of live intensity and recording prowess.

In July of 2011 Broken Glow released “Watercolors,” the first inkling at the band’s new energy. With Andrew thundering on the bass and Garrett taking over vocals, the streamlined 4-piece burn through 5 scathing rock tunes. From the massive and melancholy first notes of “Month Of May” until the last cymbal crash of “Dogs & Demons,” the band channels the swagger of the classic rock era, the soulfulness of old blues bands, and the aggression of the early 90’s rock sound. Written, recorded, engineered, produced, and performed by members of the band, “Watercolors” is a true example of an old fashioned hard-nosed rock ‘n’ roll band scraping through the muck to reach great heights.

Following the release of “Watercolors,” the band continued to hit the road. They joined raunchy metal band Cousin Sleaze for a 7-day romp down the east coast in September, 2011. The tour was a huge success. Both bands rocked roaring crowds in Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida, and their exploits can be relived in the epic tour documentary “Miles Of Mayhem.” Following the tour, Broken Glow resumed business as usual, playing in- and out-of-state shows, doing video interviews and getting back into the studio to begin recording their first full-length album.

January 2012 was a highlight month for the band. The boys rocked The Gramercy Theater, playing classic tunes from the great Grunge bands of the early 90’s. They then rocked the closing event for Brooklyn Wildlife’s “12 Days Of Art” extravaganza, and did an acoustic performance and interview with Chris Carr of Eat The Cake NYC. Everything was looking up for the band – the new songs on tape sounded massive, the gigs were pouring in, “Watercolors” enjoyed high praise. Soon, however, the group would change forever…


On March 6th, 2012, Brenner Eugenides suffered from diabetic  keto acidosis, a condition that results from fatally high bloodsugar, and left Broken Glow and the mortal plane. He was 26 years old. Brenner’s departure rocked Broken Glow to its core – not only a founding member, co-writer, lead guitarist, engineer and acting band manager, Brenner’s approach to life and music were integral to the form the band took. He was in many ways the spirit and inspiration behind the group, and his death was devastating. In April of that year, Garrett, Paul and Andrew arranged a benefit concert at Spike Hill in Brooklyn.Performers included Brenner’s friends and family, and all the proceeds were donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in Brenner’s name.


Driven by a sense of duty, the band soldiered on through the gigs they’d already booked for the spring. With a renewed fire the band blazed through their back catalog and a few new tunes, but soon the band would take a hiatus. With a full-length album sitting in the can, the band parted ways in the fall of 2012. Garrett moved down to Savannah, GA to escape the pressures on life in New York while Andrew continued to play with Cousin Sleaze and Paul played drums for hours a day, waiting for the opportunity to get the band back together. It would soon come.


In the summer of 2013, Paul joined Garrett in Georgia to get the wheels moving again. Soon Sara joined on bass, and June 2014 saw the release of “Live Like An Animal,” the band’s newest studio offering. With 6 blistering tracks, the band is in top form as they roll through the atmospheric metal-tinged “Down To The Wire,” fan favorite “Sun Comes Up” and the anti-authoritarian “Mr. Suit & Tie.”



After winning the 2015 Pour Larry’s Battle Of The Bands, Broken Glow went into the studio with Donald Moats of Habitat Noise Studios, and in February 2016 they released their long awaited full-length album,”Filament.” Receiving regional and international airplay, overseas press and continual southeast shows, the band shows no signs of slowing. With raw energy and a sense of community and collaboration, Broken Glow continues to spread good vibes and groovy tunes throughout the Southeast USA and beyond.


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