“Live Like An Animal”


1. Portrait Of A Madman

2. Down To The Wire

3. Get Out

4. Sun Comes Up

5. Cage

6. Mr. Suit & Tie


Released 6/21/14


Paul Burba – drums
Garrett Deming – guitars/bass/vocals

All music written and performed by BROKEN GLOW*
*track 1 co-written by Jonathan Connors, Brenner Eugenides
**track 4 features Tony Bavaro (bass) and Sara Clash (vocals)

Recorded in Savannah, GA 2014
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Tyler Cuttita
Produced by Broken Glow & Tyler Cuttita

Front and Back Cover Photography – Paul Burba
Inside Cover Photography – Sara Clash

THANKS go out to so many people that naming each one becomes impossible. Shouts to our Savannah crew – Omingnome, Culture Vulture, XuluProphet, Planetary Projections, Fitz, Ryan Koch, Christopher Horton, et al. Our Brooklyn folk – Sleaze Bros, Brooklyn Wildlife, Jim Earl, Live Astro, Potion Collective. The CT peeps – Carter, Geno, Kyle, Ryan, Dabu, Tess, Tabs, Sara, Tori, Jeni, Carr, Gutter, Colin, Dan, Virgil & family, Sully’s. Our friends who’ve helped us see the light at the end of some dark tunnels, we thank you from the bottom of our cold metal hearts. Special mention goes to all the BG bros – Jonathan Connors, Alec Giggi, Christopher Tilley, Andrew Brunetti, and, of course, the fallen commander, Brenner Eugenides, RIP.

“Taking It To The Hole”

Released 1/7/14

Front Album Cover

1. Born Of Greed

2. Portrait Of A Madman

3. Iconoclast

4. Sludge Factory*

5. Mr. Suit & Tie Medley*

6. Cage

7. The Great War

8. Gunshovel

9. It’s Not Alright Medley*

10. Can’t Keep Me Down**

Back Album Cover

All music and words by Broken Glow except

*4 -“Sludge Factory” by Alice In Chains; 5 – “Five To One” by The Doors, “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson;

9 -“Superstition” by Stevie Wonder, “Mr. Brownstone” by Guns ‘N’ Roses, “Good Times, Bad Times” by Led Zeppelin, “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath)

Recorded live at The Wormhole in Savannah, GA 11/1/13

Engineered by Jeff Neugebauer

except ** recorded live at Treehouse Studios 7/10/10

Engineered by Brenner Eugenides


Drums – Paul Burba

Guitar/Vocals – Garrett Deming

** “Can’t Keep Me Down” features Jonathan Connors (vocals), Brenner Eugenides (guitar) and Alec Giggi (bass)

The band would like to thank Jeff, Amy, Oisin and the staff of The Wormhole for providing a vibey place to jam and meet other musicians. Also of note are Sara Renstrom for the album photography and endless good vibes, Xulu for his livestream idea and constant support, Planetary Projections for Simon’s killer live projection art, Cousin Sleaze for riding the chill wave, Omingnome for helping us get our feet into the Savannah scene, DoSavannah and Ryan at Rock 106.1 for giving local artists and musicians a voice in local media, and all of our friends all around the world who’ve made the pursuit of our dreams possible. Honorable mention goes to Jonathan Connors, Alec Giggi, Chris Tilley and Andrew Brunetti for helping make our history, and as always we’ll pour a tall one out for the man with a plan Brenner Eugenides. Keep it loose, play it tight.

“Watercolors” EP


Released in June 2011, “Watercolors” contains five staples of the band’s live set. Featuring Garrett on vocals and rhythm guitar, Brenner on lead guitar, Paul on drums and Andrew on bass.


“Never Will I Forget,” Cousin Sleaze

Off Cousin Sleaze’s 2012 album “Sick Maniacs,” this track was recorded and mixed by Brenner, who makes a guest appearance shredding on guitar.


“Walk Of Shame,” Cousin Sleaze

Off Cousin Sleaze’s 2012 album “Sick Maniacs,” this track was recorded and mixed by Brenner, with Garrett making a guest vocal appearance.


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