The Haunted Time Machine: Art March Savannah After Party

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This Friday November 1st prepare for music, minions and mayhem. The Haunted Time Machine will be an event to remember as Broken Glow makes their official stage debut in Savannah, GA! The boys will be performing alongside Mysterium, an other-wordly international due channeling the spirits of Janis and Bonham, and Hyper Sapien, five dudes who rip funky through rapping soul. Expect psychedlic live video art from Planetary Projections, as well as a variety show at the beginning of the festivities. It is to be culmination of the Art March Savannah, where local artisans and others creatives will be displaying their talents throughout Midtown Savannah. There is no cover, so make sure to don your most twisted thread and join us at The Wormhole at 9pm for a night of netherworld time travel!


Shoreworld: Kill The Alarm LIVE and Broken Glow | The Aquarian Weekly

After watching Broken Glow rock The Legendary Dobbs in Philadelphia, PA this past December, John Pfeiffer reviews the band’s latest release “Watercolors” for The Aquarian. Note: the “prima donna” lead singer he refers to at the end of the article is from another band. We here at Broken Glow strongly advocate against primping, preening, and posturing of any kind, and are in strong support of beer-swigging, balls-out, don’t-give-a-fuck rock music. So go to, get your free download of “Watercolors,” and judge for yourself whether or not Mr. Pfeiffer’s summation of the boys’ rock offering is apt.

Shoreworld: Kill The Alarm LIVE and Broken Glow | The Aquarian Weekly.

Ruth Nineke: Spotlight: Broken Glow Is A Band of Bros

The darling Ms. Ruth Nineke gets one of the first in-depth interviews with Broken Glow in their recording home, Treehouse Recording Studios in Greenpoint, BKNY. Topic of conversation ranges from the guys’ personal histories, strange tour mishaps, rusty trombones, and more. Check it kids, this is one for the ages!

Ruth Nineke: Spotlight: Broken Glow Is A Band of Bros.